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I set about every wedding with a candid approach so my photos are never stiff or overly produced, I love to capture the day, just as it unfolds. Every wedding has its own unique story made up of colourful characters.  I enjoy building connections with people, and have a knack for helping them relax in front of my conspicuous lens. !  

I like to meet with my clients before their day and chat about what is most important to them, what they might need help with and how they'd like their day to unfold. 

Although based in Melbourne, I regularly travel interstate and internationally, for weddings and life in general. Head to abigailvarney.com for some photos I’ve taken along the way. 

P R E S S 





P A C K A G E S 


Fixed price of $4500 include;

: Maximum 5 hours photography

: Approximately 500 HR digital mages

: Colour + black and white versions.


Fixed price of $6500 include;

: Maximum 8 hours photography

: Approximately 650 HR digital images

:  Colour + black and white versions.

extras/other costs 

: add on hours. $280 per hour. 

: travel costs for weddings outside of Melbourne 

I require a $500 deposit to secure the booking date, cancellations will not be refunded. A week before the wedding the rest of the payment is to be made in full. Please allow a maximum of four weeks delivery time for editing. 

Please say hi with any questions or enquires, email and phone below. 


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